Getting Started: Resources to Help You Select Your Wedding Flowers

When you imagine your wedding day, your vision is unique and special to you. It may include a memento from your Mother or a special color accent you dreamed of as a little girl. Maybe your wedding day is traditional, or maybe it’s cutting-edge. Whatever you imagine, it is sure to include flowers when walking down the aisle. Figuring out wedding flowers for your special day means figuring out attendees, table decorations, cake flowers, bride and bridesmaid bouquets, aisle decorations and more.

The first question most brides to be struggle with, is how to turn Pinterest floral fantasies into wedding day realities? How do you know what to ask and how do you stay within a budget? We understand that this task is intimidating and overwhelming and we’re here to help. The tools below, such as budget checklist, pre-consultation checklist and bouquet styles will help you get started and organize your thoughts.